Image by Daniel Korpai

Covid-19 Initiative

Wearable-based viral infection detection

Viral infections, such as the Covid-19 are responsible for many symptoms, some potentially fatal. While these quickly become obvious, our body is impacted in more subtle ways before the first symptoms appear. For example, changes in heart rate, temperature, and sleep patterns can be measured up to 3 days before we take notice.

We are building an app that can connect directly to wearable devices in order to predict early if someone is at risk. If you are healthy, you can sleep better, and if you do contract it, you can look for advice, test, and treatment early before the virus becomes too aggressive.

Our first solution monitors changes in your body to inform you when you might be at risk. At the same time, through partnerships with the medical and scientific community we continuously work on improving our solution. If you want to be the first to benefit from our work, send us your email using the form below and we will keep you informed of our progress.

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