Our solution can be broken-down in three mutually-benefical components each supporting employees in different ways.

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The Management aspect helps in real-time by notifying users when their Cognitive Efficiency declines below a set threshold.
In a similar fashion to the risks incurred by driving tired. We monitor throughout the day diminishing mental stamina in order to let employees know when they become at risk.


Although Cognitive Fitness diminishes during a normal work day, not all days are the same and a lot of external factors matter. We monitor individual and group trends as well as compile meteorological data to advise companies as to how shifts and rosters should be designed to further diminish risk.


While reacting in time to growing risk factors is critical, it is also vital to be proactive in our approach to risk-management. Fatigue, stress, distractions and many more factors that impact cognitive fitness can be improved and people trained to be more resilient. We provide the tools to make this a reality.

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About us

Brainalytics is an early stage startup made up of neuroscientists, data analysts, experienced product managers and executives of mining companies. We thrive to provide flexible solutions that adapt to the existing environment while drastically improving employees' safety.

We are actively looking for opportunities to demonstrate just how much we can mitigate risks for employees through pilot projects.


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